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2024 judges

With a judging panel including academics, business executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, the Australian Wealth Management Awards form peer-reviewed recognition of your capabilities in finance and passion for driving the industry forward.

Angela Ashton
Angela Ashton

Angela Ashton, the Founder & CEO at Evergreen Consultants, stands as a beacon of expertise in the investment consulting landscape. Armed with two Bachelor’s degrees (Economics/Science), a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance, and a Master of Commerce (Finance), Angela’s academic background underpins her strategic expertise in finance.
With a career spanning 30 years in Investment Markets, Angela brings unparalleled expertise to Evergreen. Throughout her career, she has held Senior Investment roles at QIC, served as Head of Ratings at van Eyk Research and was General Manager of Managed Funds Research at IWL Ltd (now CommSec). She has further contributed to the investment industry through serving on a number of education committees with groups such as Kaplan and the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA).
Under Angela’s leadership, Evergreen Consultants has established itself as a prominent boutique investment consulting firm based in Australia. Evergreen specialises in developing portfolios and collaborating closely with high-quality financial planning businesses nationwide. With them, Evergreen builds and manages investment solutions designed specifically to meet each individual clients needs and preferences.
The Evergreen Team is renowned for its innovative solutions and contributions in the industry through their significant in-house development of tools such as GreenVue, a portfolio analytics system and ERIG, a Responsible Investment Grading Index.

Drew Browne
Drew Browne
Founder and Financial Adviser,
Sapience Financial & Investment Services

Drew is an award-winning Writer, Speaker, Financial Adviser & Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advocate. He specialises in supporting business owners and their families to protect and provide for what matters most in their lives.
His company’s speciality brand Unusual Risks Insured, is the first Trauma Informed Organisation (TIO) working in Australian Financial Services.
He’s been recognised and awarded by non-industry bodies for his use of technology to connect people and businesses and his call for needed proactive anti-discrimination, inclusive & belonging practices in Australian Financial Services.
In his free time Drew works to mentor new businesses and support high-performing LGBTI+ young adults completing higher education to reach their full potential.

Ian Byrne
Ian Byrne
Senior Strategist/Adviser/Equity Owner,
Evolution Financial

Ian graduated from Deakin University with ‘Top Graduate for Queensland’ honours, winning the BT Prize & fourth overall in Australia and has held positions in both national and local planning organisations as Director, Business Owner and Senior Financial Planner.

Having won many licensee awards throughout his career, Ian's expertise most recently was acknowledged on a national stage, winning the IFA Excellence Award 'Regional Adviser of the Year' 2 years in a row, 2021 & 2022.

Ian is a CFP member of the Financial Planning Assoc and has been a board member of a national advisory board for the financial planning division of a 2nd tier International Accounting Affiliation.

He has particular expertise in strategies for high & ultra high net worth clients, combining inter-generation wealth transition & preservation with solid estate planning strategies, as well as investments, self-managed super funds, retiree and pre-retiree clients.

He is experienced in all facets of planning, dealing with multi-million dollar investment portfolios and client centric advice. Servicing a wide variety of clientele, Ian’s clients predominantly are high net worth retirees, business owners and professionals including clients in the areas of Accounting, Medicine, Law, Rural Landholders and Farmers, Ex-City Councilors, as well as CEOs and Directors of significant commerce.

Ian has been instrumental in founding and ensuring the success of six businesses & has accumulated a wealth of experience working closely with Accountants & high-level Lawyers to get the best client outcomes.

On a philanthropic note, Ian assists setting up Charitable Trusts / Private Ancillary Funds for ultra-high net worth families, as well as managing investment portfolios for Trustees of Court Ordered Protective Trusts for disabled children. On a pro-bono basis, Ian currently supports a multi-million dollar private foundation with time, experience and guidance as a Director at a board level.

Ian's typical client that he adds most value to has investible wealth of $2million through to $75million net of personal assets, is committed to tax effective intergenerational wealth transition and/or potentially philanthropic ideals.

Christopher Cachia
Christopher Cachia
Senior Financial Planner,
CCA Financial Planners

Christopher Cachia, the founder, CEO, and principal manager of CCA Financial Planners, stands as a beacon of innovation and leadership in the ever-evolving financial planning landscape. With a career spanning over three decades, Christopher has not only demonstrated profound expertise and commitment to his field but also a relentless pursuit of empowering individuals through financial literacy and tailored financial strategies.

From the inception of his career, Christopher has been driven by a simple yet profound mission: to demystify the financial maze for individuals, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future. His journey in the financial sector is marked by a tireless commitment to excellence and a personal vow to illuminate the path for others through education and empowerment.

Christopher's dedication to professional growth took him across the globe, from attending the Financial Planning Association conference in Minneapolis to visiting the New York Stock Exchange. These experiences have been pivotal in shaping his comprehensive approach to financial planning, allowing him to bring global insights to local strategies.

As a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and an expert in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Christopher emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. His extensive knowledge and experience have been instrumental in designing innovative financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of his clients.

Christopher's journey from a trainee accountant to the top echelons of the financial planning industry is a testament to his leadership and excellence. His ability to consistently achieve top rankings within national banking networks underscores his commitment to setting and surpassing industry standards.

At the heart of Christopher's philosophy is a holistic approach to financial planning. This perspective has not only earned him a nomination as a finalist for the 'Holistic Financial Advisor of the Year' at the IFA Excellence Awards 2023 but also reflects his dedication to addressing the financial well-being of his clients beyond mere numbers.

Christopher believes in the power of teamwork and family values at CCA, considering his team as the company's greatest asset. This collaborative and supportive environment has been crucial in cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation.

Christopher's innovative and client-centric approach has garnered significant recognition, particularly at the 2023 IFA Excellence Awards. His commitment to making financial planning accessible and empowering for all underscores his vision of a future where financial well-being is within everyone's reach.

As he looks to the future, Christopher remains focused on leveraging industry trends and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that CCA Financial Planners stays at the forefront of financial innovation. His commitment to collaboration, particularly with accountants, aims to offer a comprehensive service that addresses all facets of his clients' financial lives.

In a world characterized by financial uncertainties, Christopher Cachia stands as a steadfast leader of change, dedicated to creating a future where individuals can thrive financially. His passion for transforming lives through financial planning continues to inspire and influence both clients and colleagues in the industry.

William Cant
William Cant
Senior Financial Adviser,
Ally Wealth Management

Senior financial adviser helping Aussies all over the world achieve financial freedom.

Stefano Duro
Stefano Duro
Founder, Managing Director, Principal Adviser,
Pure Private Wealth

Stefano, often referred to as Stef by his clients, is the driving force behind Pure Private Wealth.

With a reputation as the “Gary-Vee of Goals-Based Advice” in Australia, Stefano is recognized for his innovative approach to financial guidance. He envisions a world where financial advice is accessible and transformative, and his determination led Pure Private Wealth to become a pioneer in digitalized client interactions.

As a goals-based financial adviser, Stefano specializes in helping clients identify, manage, and achieve their life goals, both personally and in business. Whether you’re new to the world of personal finance or an experienced finance professional, Stefano can assist you in achieving your personal goals.

His commitment also extends to businesses seeking remarkable results. Pure Private Wealth has assisted numerous businesses in fine-tuning their strategies, from startups to long-established enterprises, utilizing innovative technology, training, and strategic planning.

Stefano’s innate ability to educate, inspire, and empower clients has propelled both individuals and businesses toward remarkable achievements.

Glen Hare
Glen Hare
Fox and Hare

I worked at Macquarie Bank for just over 10 years, in roles from institutional broking to wealth management. In English, it was my job to help Australia’s financial advisors get the funding they needed to grow.
I would often find myself in a room with hundreds of financial advisors and soon realised they were all talking about the same thing – boomers.
Here were thousands of businesses and professionals, all focused on helping boomers extend and maximise their wealth into retirement and not one stepping in to help the next generations.
I looked around at my circle of friends. Young families struggling to afford homes in the places they grew up, single professionals and tradies earning amazing coin, but with zero bandwidth left to learn how to build long term wealth and, even worse, many living pay cheque to pay cheque, just one bad week from disaster.
I left Macquarie in 2017 as one of the youngest directors in the company, and co-found Fox & Hare, to help that younger demographic. Now, I spend my time helping 20-45 year olds achieve financial freedom, buy property and get invested. Which is awesome.
When not behind my desk, I’m training at my local CrossFit box, planning my next scuba diving trip, or rewilding our property with my partner Liam and greyhound Larry 🐶

Nicole Hatherly
Nicole Hatherly
Founder and Director,
Brand True North

With 30 years of experience as an award-winning Global Brand Strategist, International Keynote, Thought Leadership Expert, Executive Management in Financial Services and a National and Global Awards Judge, Nicole has designed strategies for CommBank, CommSec, Tiktok, Foxtel, Woolworths, Subaru, Electrolux, Yahoo, Mirvac and Telstra, and shared the stage with Brené Brown, Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington.

Aileen Jones
Aileen Jones
Financial Adviser and HR Manager,
MTP Financial

Aileen was born in Townsville but has lived most of her life in southern Queensland before returning north to Cairns with her family in 2011.
She has been involved in the financial planning industry for over 18 years in various roles such as Client Services Officer, Paraplanner and Financial Adviser.
During this time, she has developed a dedication for helping people achieve their goals through their financial growth.
Aileen has had an illustrious career including several Awards through BDO, however her passion is in her specialist area of Aged Care advice.
A devotee to wellbeing and good health, Aileen is also a Yoga Teacher in the local area for hatha yoga and chair yoga.
She is also passionate about travel as well as spending time with her husband and two daughters and pursuing outdoor activities.

Apostolos (Paul) Katranis
Apostolos (Paul) Katranis
Director, Wealth and Tax (Financial) Adviser, Finance Broker & Responsible Manager,
SA Wealth Group

Paul Katranis is a credit representative (370327) of Buyers Choice Licencing Pty Ltd, ACN 626 172 281 Australian Credit Licence 509484.
Paul is the Principal Adviser and Director of SA Wealth Management and has experience as a financial planner with a Big Four bank, as well as within a boutique financial planning practice. He specialises in unique wealth management solutions for Professionals, Business Owners and Pre Retirees, and provides advice in all areas of wealth management, including: wealth accumulation, income and asset protection, tax minimisation strategies, superannuation, retirement and redundancy planning, estate planning, government benefits and Centrelink, as well as debt reduction strategies.
Paul Katranis has over 20+ years experience within the financial services industry and helps clients to achieve their financial objectives and lifestyle goals ranging from paying off debts faster and more efficiently, investing to create wealth and improve lifestyle experience, providing an education fund for children and ultimately financial independence through planning for retirement. He guides clients through the ever changing legislation with regards to superannuation and taxation and how they affect his clients personal circumstances and lifestyle goals. He enjoys seeing clients gain confidence to make informed decisions so they can get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them. In particular, Paul has a special interest in guiding people along the road to long term lifestyle and financial success.

Sok	Lay
Sok Lay
Financial Planner,
Fortified Financial Planning

Sok Lay is a committed financial advisor, boasting over ten years of experience in financial planning. She ardently believes in empowering individuals with financial literacy and providing them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions. Additionally, as a wife and mother of three young children, Sok Lay effortlessly juggles her professional and personal responsibilities. She also delves into the practice of Chinese metaphysics. During her leisure time, she can often be found either chasing after her children or engaging in household decluttering to maintain a sense of order and tranquility

Christine	Lusher
Christine Lusher
Certified Financial Planner,
Lush Wealth

Christine Lusher
Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor at Lush Wealth
Winner 2023 Independent Financial Advisor Regional Advisor of the Year.
Finalist Australian Wealth Management Financial Adviser of the Year 2024
Certified Financial Planner Christine Lusher has over 20 years of experience as a practising Financial Advisor.
Christine founded Lush Wealth in 2008. The business's driving force at the time was to
provide work-life balance and workplace flexibility.
Christine developed the Lush Life Financial Planning Program specifically for women. The
program focuses on these three elements.
• Boost my life! Create a Plan and build a passive income stream for the future.
• Work out my Financial Independence Figure & Retirement Numbers and how to hit them.
• Reduce my work to 4 (then 3) days a week & ease into retirement.
Finances are my passion, and together, we can get your finances in order so you can focus on
the important stuff.
Christine is mum to 2 primary school aged boys and lives in Newcastle NSW.

Sam	Mackay
Sam Mackay
Director and Principal Adviser,
Mackay Private

Sam is a director of Mackay Private, a specialist wealth management firm servicing high-net-worth (HNW) clients who require the highest standard of advice, service, and confidentiality.

In 2023, Sam was named a finalist for Investment Adviser of the Year at the 2023 IFA Awards, recognising Australia's top Investment Advice specialist.

Beyond work, Sam commits time to raising his children, mentoring young professionals and engaging in charitable initiatives.

Martin McGrath
Martin McGrath
Financial Advisor and Director/Business Owner,
Financial Edge Group

Martin McGrath is a Certified Financial Planner based upon the Central Coast of NSW and founder of Financial Edge Group. With a background as a Chartered Accountant and a Master’s degree in financial planning, Martin has over 15 years’ experience in the financial planning industry and is recognised as a specialist Retirement Adviser. Martin has was previously awards the IFA’s practice principal of the year and recently won the 2023 FAAA CFP Professional of the Year.

Kristopher Meuwissen
Kristopher Meuwissen
Financial Adviser,

Kristopher has been a self-employed Financial Adviser and business entrepreneur since 2012. Prior to giving financial advice, he oversaw the back office operations of an advisory firm.

Obtaining registration as an adviser in 2012 at the age of 20, Kristopher became one of the youngest advisers in his licensee group and in the country. Currently studying his postgraduate degree in financial planning, he has furthered his education by completing a postgraduate degree in Strategic Leadership while also becoming a tax financial adviser. His journey led to the establishment of a successful financial planning business in Melbourne before he embarked on establishing Wealtheon independently.

As a family-operated enterprise, Wealtheon is at the forefront of setting new standards in customer service. This dedication was acknowledged through accolades such as winning the Australian Small Business Champion in Financial Services in 2023 as well as National finalist in the 2023 IFA Excellence Awards, the 2024 Wealth Management Awards and additionally, in the 2021 Independent Financial Advice Excellence Awards, Kristopher was honored with the Client Service Individual of the Year award and was a finalist in six categories.

His mission is to provide clients with financial advice coupled with unparalleled service and life changing outcomes.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Kristopher and his wife, Lauren, manage Huxter Estate, a small vineyard in Redbank with the aim of producing exceptional wine to share and savor with others.

Christine	Morgan
Christine Morgan
Claims Manager,
Financial Framework

Christine is an acclaimed Claims Manager with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, specializing in TPD claims, Insurance Claims, Centrelink, and Deceased Estates. Since joining the Financial Framework Team in January 2014, she has been instrumental in guiding clients through the complexities of the claims process, focusing on alleviating stress and enabling them to concentrate on recovery or coping with loss. Her dedication to client welfare is underscored by her winning the IFA Excellence Awards 2023 for Client Outcome of the Year, recognizing her exceptional ability to secure the best outcomes for clients during their most challenging times.
Beyond her professional expertise, Christine is passionate about making a difference in people's lives, a trait that extends into her personal life where she enjoys cooking, gardening, and outdoor adventures with her family and two dogs. Her commitment to excellence, combined with a compassionate approach, makes Christine a cornerstone of her team and a cherished support to her clients

Garret Norris
Garret Norris
Cheif Executive Officer,
HBB Group

Unlike many CEOs, Garret is extremely hands-on as KONA’s chief Sales Training, Call Centre Training, DISC, Strategic Planning and Negotiation Skills expert. He has run several successful businesses, led sales and marketing teams globally and regularly consults to some of the world’s leading brands, including multi-billion-dollar multinationals. A practitioner who speaks from the heart and his experience at the coalface, Garret is a straight shooter whose lessons are real, raw, immediately actionable and transformative. He is commonly referred to as a ‘business engineer’ due to his outstanding track record of transforming the bottom line and culture of the organisations he supports.

Mark O'Flynn
Mark O'Flynn
Managing Director & Principal Adviser,
Oxlade Financial

Mark O’Flynn is the Managing Director at Oxlade Financial. He has been in the industry since 2005, and has been practicing as an Independent Advisor since 2015. Mark was recognised as one of the 50 most influential Financial Advisers in Australia in the 2023 FS Power 50 Awards, and was also named as a Finalist for the Investment Adviser of the Year category in the ifa Excellence Awards 2023.

Mark holds both the Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Financial Analyst® qualifications. He also has a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting), and has completed a Diploma in Financial Planning. Mark is a member of the FAAA’s Professional Standards & Conduct Committee, and also has specialist SMSF accreditation.

His extensive qualifications and experience are coupled with a true passion for improving the lives of his valued clients. Mark has worked with most of his clients for many years, and he places great value on these long-term, rewarding relationships. Mark is driven to provide transparent and holistic advice, and seeks to apply his knowledge to help families have a better financial future. As a husband, father and business owner, he understands the financial complexities and pressures that families can face, and recognises the difference that good advice can make.

Mark’s performance was also recognised in the FPA Awards in 2021, where he was named as Finalist in the Certified Financial Planner® Professional of the Year Award, and also in the 2018 Money Management Awards (Financial Planner of the Year finalist), the 2018 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards (second runner up), and the 2017 SMSF & Accounting Awards (Investment Strategist of the Year).

Alexander Rankin
Alexander Rankin
Financial Adviser - Head of Retail Advice,
Associated Concepts

Nearing a decde of experience in the Financial Services industry, I have developed my passion for helping clients Identify and achieve their financial and personal goals.
With every new client I work to understand their passions and goals, I'll then work tirelessly to help you achieve this.
I hold an unyeilding belief in education, having completed:
-Masters of Financial Planning, obtaining the CFP designation (Certified Financial Planner)

  • Bachelor of Commence (Finance)
  • Bachelor Diploma of Financial Planning.
  • Diploma of Mortgage Broking
  • Several other industry specific certificates and qualifications.
    Specialises in assisting clients in the medical profession and understands that each client is unique. I strives to provide the same high level of diligent service regardless of life stage.
    My Passions revovle around spending time outdoors.
    Camping, Fishing and or just exploring the beautiful state of Victoria.
David Romanovski
David Romanovski
Senior Financial Adviser,
The Hopkins Group

David is a Senior Financial Adviser with approximately 27 years experience in the finance industry. Before joining The Hopkins Group, he held a number of senior positions with NAB and BT Financial, mainly focused around providing strategic investment advice and financial analysis to clients and the wider business.
During his career, he has helped clients with a broad range of financial planning strategies all specifically tailored to their goals and objectives.
In his earlier years he completed a Bachelor of Economics at Victoria University and also achieved an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.
David decided to pursue the financial advisory path to utilise his financial acumen, provide sound financial advice and share these skills with groups of people, and SMEs, to help shape their future with confidence and purpose.
In his spare time, David is an accomplished chef, enjoys spending time with his family and follows the EPL, particularly Liverpool FC.

Joel	Ronchi
Joel Ronchi
MyIntegrity in Practice

Joel Ronchi has over 25 years' of experience as a financial advice practitioner, educator, consultant, and CEO. From founding the highly successful Integrity Education Group in 2010 to establishing myIntegrity in Practice which helped almost 2,000 individuals prepare for the Financial Adviser Exam, Joel has demonstrated his commitment to helping improve the quality of financial advice in Australia.
As CEO of Fourth Line, a RegTech specialist, he empowers licensees and advisers to build trust and deeper client relationships through quality advice, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader in the financial advice industry.

Warren Strybosch
Warren Strybosch
Managing Director | Accountant and Senior Financial Advisor,
Find Wealth Pty Ltd

Warren has had a diverse background, from serving in the army, being a secondary teacher, lecturing, and providing financial planning and taxation advice.

Warren is the Founder of the 'Find Group' of companies offering the following services: Accounting, Financial planning, VA & CA services, Networking and Marketing.

As a professional accountant and award-winning advisor, Warren's passion is to improve his client's financial netwealth, help his client's secure their financial future and provide them with support when they need it. In the financial planning space, Warren loves working with pre-retiree and those already retired.

Warren is also the Founder of the Find Foundation, a Not-For-Profit organisation that owns and operates community papers across Victoria. The community papers provide support to other NFPs, schools, clubs and other associations, as well as supporting SME and other businesses in their respective local communities. It is a way of bringing everyone together in one place and supporting all things local. Warren is looking forward to launching his new fundraising initiative in 2024 to help support all groups within the local community.

Warren's aim is to make a positive difference in as many people's lives as possible through his work and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Ben	Travers
Ben Travers
Financial Adviser,
Prosperity Wealth Advisers

Ben has over 22 years’ experience across boutique, accounting and ASX listed firms. Ben has the knowledge and experience to design comprehensive, holistic and personalised strategies across individuals and complex family groups.
Ben brings a dynamic approach to both wealth creation and asset protection, and understands individual circumstances are forever changing. Ben prides himself on proactive advice, communication and has a passion for investment markets
Ben has been recognised in the industry with several awards, including ifa's Investment Adviser of the Year for 2022, Money Management’s Financial Planner of the Year and Financial Standard’s Power50 Most Influential Advisers in Australia.
Ben has a Master of Financial Planning and Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting, is a Certified Financial Planner®, and member of the Financial Advice Association Australia

Katriel Warlow-Shill
Katriel Warlow-Shill

With over 18 years of experience collaborating with financial advisors, I recognized the challenges they faced in accessing client insurance information scattered across multiple providers. The frustration and inefficiency led me to develop CDM, a revolutionary life insurance reporting system. This solution empowers advisors by consolidating data from various insurance providers into a unified platform, streamlining access and providing invaluable insights for client management. At CDM Solutions, we are reshaping the landscape of life insurance advising, focusing on enhancing efficiency and maximizing growth opportunities for each client's inforce policies.

Mark Wenzel
Mark Wenzel
Senior Financial Adviser,
The Hopkins Group

Mark has worked as a financial adviser for nearly 20 years and started with the business back in May 2019.

He once founded and managed his own financial advisory business formally the EON Financial Group, a premium provider of financial and retirement advice, strategy and education.

Today he strives to help all his clients achieve their financial aspirations by implementing financial and investment strategies to breakdown long term goals into annual targets.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Managing Director,
The Hopkins Group

Initially starting his working career as a commercial and property lawyer in Queensland, Michael Williams eventually found his calling as a Financial Adviser.

He made this decision because he wanted to help clients before they got in trouble rather than sort out their issues afterwards as a lawyer.

Michael had a simple yet powerful vision – to help his clients establish financial well-being and achieve a financially independent future. This was his vision when he first started as a financial advisor, which is still his vision today as the Managing Director of The Hopkins Group (THG).

As the Group's Managing Director, Michael has led THG's strategic operations and is an integral member of the Group's executive board. Since his appointment in 2004, Michael has grown THG from a boutique firm to a multi-disciplinary, end-to-end, holistic financial advisory agency with over 55 staff and an extensive range of service offerings including financial planning, property (management, investments, sales and development), accounting and taxation, mortgage advice, estate planning and SMSFs.

Michael is also an accredited Senior Financial Adviser trusted by our most tenured and respected clients